Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5 cm of new snowovernight

1) Yes folks it has been snowing again. Yesterday the 20th of octobeer it snowed between 5-10cm above 1600meters. The snow is light and Powdery - and is not breaking down with the sun anymore. There was also snow on the Hiways above Rossland this morning - so its really feeling like winter..

2) We installed our new Oil water separator last week. We are really pleased with this as it will catch any oil or Hydraulic Fluid that may escape from our cats. I picked this up in Vanvouver 2 weeks ago - it weighs nearly 4000 pounds and is made out of concrete.

3) We also installed a new double walled fuel tank a few weeks ago at our shed - we go this tank and accessories from ARG services these guys were great and will also be coming Cat skiing with us this winter.

4) Despite the snow that we had this week and last the Bush campaign continues. Today we gladed an amazing run at the Bottom of Pluto North. At the end of last week we Gladed 2 runs at the bottom of the Jumbo Bloc (see picture attached of the Jumbo Bloc).

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