Friday, September 16, 2005

Big Red Cats - Snowcat Skiing Specials

You can check out to see the Opening Day "Ladies First" special for only $150 per person, and get free fat ski rental if you book before the end of October. There are also some combo packages including catskiing, lifted skiing at Red Resort and Whitewater, and lodging at the Red Shutter Inn at Red Mountain. Check out some of the lines we made on the backside of Mount Crowe last year - on March 30th! We have 18,500 acres and run separate trips for intermediates who need some powder coaching, for advanced skiers who are comfortable in powder, and for experts who want to maximize their steeps and cumulative vertical.

Big Red Cats - Up and Running this Season!

It's official! Red Mountain and Rossland will have a snowcat skiing operation in its backyard this winter - Big Red Cats! Named after "Big Red", the housecat at the Red Shutter Inn, and of course, implying nearness to Red Resort (15 minutes UP the highway) and the fact that the terrain is large (18,500 skiable acres - over 50 "runs" - some are half a mile wide).
The two Pisten Bully 280D's came from Gus at Mount Bailey, and are in getting a fresh coating of red paint while Richard the driver/mechanic puts the new tracks together. Hopefully we can convince some of Gus' old clients to follow the cats up north to BC as well.
A bit of a blizzard on September 9th got us all excited about the season, but it's melted off now. They say that when it's a good huckleberry year, it's a good snow year, and I'll tell you what - it's a bumper year for the huckles! (Incidentally, last year was a bad berry year and the Northwest had a terrible snow year as well, so this saying just might have some truth to it).
Our peak rates are only C$299 (US$249), and off-peak is less. Best of all will be our Opening Day, only $150 each for Local Ladies. We expect it to be sometime around December 20th, but will happen as soon as it is safe enough to run the first tour. Will post photos when we have them!