Friday, September 01, 2006

Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box (box shown above)...
That's what we're up to now, as the summer comes to a close, the kids head to school, and we concentrate more on fixing up our snowcat roads and improving the terrain, heading off to the ski shows, and taking bookings. We spent the last couple of months in Sydney, as Kieren was able to pick up a consulting job doing treasury finance, which was his previous career. Of course, we did make a trip to Thredbo as well, sponsored a couple of races, and did some marketing.
New specials this year include teens with a parent coming for half price, so hopefully that will inspire a bit of family bonding and allow some people to come out who might not have been able to pull it off otherwise. Besides that, we have some early season and multi-day discounts that still make us one of the cheapest (though fantastic) catskiing operators around. As we're located at Red Resort, it should be easy for people to add one or two days of fresh tracks to their holiday.
We've launched a new website,, as well as the original , and for anyone looking for the full list of all the catski operations, it is published on .
We're watching the Southern Oscillation Index, hoping it won't be a strong El Nino year, as that brings fewer people to the resort. However, even in the bad year two years ago, we still had snow up in our area, as the elevation was higher than most ski resorts in BC. It's just that it sometimes puts people off of booking. Now that we have 2 snowcats, and a third for road-building, we really need those bookings.
Must run, smells like it's time to change the baby...