Sunday, December 04, 2005

December starting well

The above photo is of the Red Resort management team checking out our area - if you look closely you can see the pistes of Red behind their heads.
Red Mountain opened on the 2nd of December, and I'd highly recommend checking out the Opening Day video that they have on their website - it was an epic day, and the best opening in years. They'll have all of the lifts running on Friday 9 Dec, which should be another incredible powderfest. Yes, we are in the same mountain range as Red, and the terrain is quite similar (ours just has fewer tracks on it).
Back at Big Red Cats, we're taking our time and making sure that it'll be safe, as it's our inaugural season. Roddy McGowan, the supervisory guide, shows up on Friday the 9th, followed by lots of terrain and snow pack assessments and avalanche risk evaluation with avalanche expert Larry Stanier. Our training days for our volunteer tailguides are the 15 & 16th of Dec, Keith Robine is running a recreational avalanche course (CAA certified RAC) on the 16-18th, Kieren is doing some marketing at the Warren Miller show in Seattle on the 17th, and our first day of operation is the 20th! So, it'll be a busy couple of weeks, and then the Christmas rush is on. The best thing is that there's lots of early snow, we've got our snow roads built to the summit, and I think we're on track for a great opening.