Monday, November 27, 2006

Cat Skiing Has Begun with one Snow Dump After Another

As I gaze out my window, I see at least 2 feet of fresh snow balancing on the balcony rail (how does it DO that? Not much wind round these parts). and the streetlight illuminates a huge dumping of snow as it plops straight onto my driveway. Does the prospect of shoveling get me down? Heck, no, I'm in the snow business!
On 28 Nov, we already have about 1.5 metres of snow in our cat skiing area - enough that we can start operating! It is really nice, light, Kootenay Powder too. The only problem is that it is falling so fast that we're working hard just to keep our snow roads open! Worse problems I could definitely have.
Looks like we'll even break even this year, which is great for our second year of operation, though we're still trying to drive volume with specials like "Teens Half Price" to bring the families in.
Above is a photo of our snowcat on 23 Nov (BEFORE the last two snowstorms!) also - here's a video that one of our friends from SkiVT sent us about their catskiing trip last year.