Friday, September 26, 2008

Great new ski run Cut today 26th Sept.

This new run is just to the skiers right of Sullies (named by John Sullivan) run. The new Run starts at 2170m with a NW aspect. The finish Elevation is 1760 meters so run length is 400 meters vertical or about 1400 vertical ft. If anyone would like to name it - come on out and ski it.

The new run cuts through the trees on the lookers right side of the Photo that is attached

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another new 2km of snowcat road built today.

I think that this is our record in one day. Normally we do about 400 meters per day. The snowcat roads that we built today will save 8-10 minutes on the ride up on the runs on south crowe - so do this twice - and with the time that we save with the new roads - we will have enough time for another run. The Picture attached shows in yellow the new road.

Snowed Lightly this morning and by late afternoon it was sunny.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

1st Powder Skiing of the season at BRC

It snowed 5-6cm last night - so here are some photo of me skiing this morning with my chainsaw gear on - We are still stuck into our glading program.
The snow was quite lite with some surface Hoar on top. I would say that the skiing was pretty good for the 22nd of September. You may notice that I am skiing an old pair of my slalom ski's Vintage 1992 skinny and pretty straight.
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Glacier Skill training on the awesome Glacier - in the Northern Monashees

21st September

I Just Finished a week of Glacier skills training with the Canadian Ski Guide Association up near Blue River. We Climbed to the top of Awesome Peak over 10,000 ft and walking over an increbible Glacier.
(The Picture attached show some view of some of the peaks around our base camp - just under the toe of the Awesome Glacier)

We Also Climbed Benny's peak - I was neveous using Crampon's and ice Axe seriously for the 1st time - But once we go the hang of it it was great. We got also to the very peak doing some Mixed climbing on a number of sections. Once at the peak there was a good 4,000-5,000 ft almost vertical drop on once side

We also made an attempt on Mt Albreda but did not reach the top as the approach was much longer than we had estimated.

We spent a number of days working on rope skills Practicing working knots through Crevasse Rescue systems and Generally trying out diffecult problems.
A few nights we slept out in the stars and got snow and rain, and thunder and Lightning.
The instructors, Bob, Eric, and Erin did a great job. This was a terrific experience and a great course. I am now hoping to get up to more more Glaciers before the winter starts.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kieren "Making It Big In The Snow World" - SMH

The "Little Miss Snow It All" ski blog on the Sydney Morning Herald website mentions Kieren as one of 8 Aussies making it big in the snow world, and features his picture.

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Big Red Cats - Goes to venus

5th new skiing and riding mountain opened in 4 years

Big Red Cats today announced the opening of its 5th mountain for skiing and riding, which will add about 20 new advanced to expert runs.

In addition to the new “Mt Venus”, Big Red Cats has also opened another 20-30 runs on adjacent Mt Neptune, Pluto, and Mackie for this winter, with the addition of 20km of new snowcat roads and extensive glading.

This opens Big Red Cats’ 5th Mountain in 4 years - a new mountain with 2,000 skiable acres (about the size of Aspen Mountain) each year.

Big Red Cats president Kieren Gaul said “building out on Mt Venus is crazy – we had to hike in for 2.5 hours each morning run the chain saw for 5-6 hours – and then hike out again for another 2.5 hours. But we are stoked to be able to offer the new terrain to our guests.”

Gaul also said that this fall that they are “glading about 50 runs, which will make the skiing at Big Red Cats that much more fun and safe”.

Gaul said “I am really happy – the numbers now say it all; 5 mountains, 4 snowcats, 250 runs. Big Red Cats has really come of age and now offers some of the best cat skiing and riding on the planets” (3 of their mountain are named after planets, Neptune, Pluto, and Venus)” “Another sure sign that we have grown up is that we have been inundated this fall with resumes of guides that want to work with us”

Big Red Cats is based in Rossland BC, just north of legendary Red Mountain BC, long known for its outstanding tree skiing. Big Red Cats operates in the same range as Red but has about 5 times the area.

Big Red Cats will be commencing its 4th season in 2008/2009 and is one of the largest cat skiing operations in the world, running up to 3 passenger cats per day with guests. Big Red Cats is the only cat skiing operation in BC to offer separate expert, advanced, and intermediate snowcats.
The picture - above shows the view looking back from Mt Venus - to Mt Mackie.